BurnTyre Films is a channel on Dailymotion dedicated to gaming videos and machinima by Georg Siebert. It's Facebook site also shares videos of other channels (usually from Youtube, where Georg Siebert has his old channel).

On Steam, Georg Siebert explained why he moved from Youtube to DailyMotion:

"So Youtube is going to introduce a paywall for some content, I don't know which yet, but as Let's Player like PewdiePie are all for it, they seemingly hope it's their content (which wouldn't bother me, because Let's Plays are rather boring). It's more likely that they will paywall music and stuff, and gaming videos will not be affected. Either way, I've finally decided not to use youtube anymore, and to NOT share my videos on communities like Steam or Rockstar Social Club that only allow videos from that monopolist source. There's still Facebook, Enjin and Twitter, anyway. So, my videos are now exclusively on http://www.dailymotion.com/frameguard"

Anyway, he continued to upload some videos to Youtube, too, as he still needs to promote his DailyMotion channel.

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